Installing Vinyl Siding

Renovate Your Vancouver Home With Vinyl Siding

Updating or renovating your home’s exterior in Metro Vancouver is an important decision because of the number of effects that residential siding has on your house. Impacting quality of living, your home’s value, its outside appearance and not to mention the safety of your family, choosing what kind of siding in which to invest is no small order.

Whether you’re seeking to install siding in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, the North Shore, Delta, Surrey or the Tri-Cities, you’ll want to account for your local area’s architectural style. Plus Metro Vancouver’s unique humid and wet climate means it’s important to consider a house-siding product that resist moisture and can handle the elements.

Aluminium was a ubiquitous material for residential siding in North America throughout the 20th century, but it dents and dulls easily. Vinyl siding was created as an optional alternative to aluminium siding in the 1930s, but not until the late 1950s and stretching into the 1970s did it start to take off. Today, vinyl siding is the most common type of exterior siding in all of Canada thanks to both its affordability and durability.

Exterior Worx Siding in Vancouver and the metro region can advise if vinyl siding is right for your home, and our siding-installation experts can set up the vinyl siding or repair existing siding on your residential home in Metro Vancouver quickly, efficiently and professionally. Read below for more information on vinyl siding, including its benefits and versatility.

What is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding for your home’s exterior is ideal for decorative exterior weatherproofing of your Vancouver home. It perfectly imitates wood clapboard and is an affordable alternative to both aluminium siding and fibre-cement siding. In many ways it is an ultimate house-siding option because it provides long-term performance without requiring you to pay a premium price.

What Is Vinyl Siding Made Of?

Vinyl siding is a plastic product, making it highly versatile in terms of aesthetic options. About 80% of vinyl-siding boards are manufactured from a plastic resin called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). During the production process, two layers of PVC resin are laid down in a extrusion process; the top layer includes titanium dioxide, providing resistance to UV light from the sun, while calcium carbonate is added to the bottom layer to balance out the titanium dioxide and to keep extrusion streams equally fluid.

Other materials, including a variety of lubricants, are added to not only aid in the manufacturing process but also to enhance the durability and flexibility of vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding

What Kinds of Vinyl Siding Are Available?

Often, the different types of vinyl siding refer to the versatility available in the different installation methods and the aesthetic looks, since the base materials are similar in the different styles. Vinyl siding can be adapted to become available in approximately 350 different colours.

Each type of vinyl siding offers different profiles, colours, textures and lengths. Exterior Worx in Vancouver has the home-siding expertise to consult you on the style that best suits your home in the Vancouver area.

Below are the three most common types of vinyl-siding types:

  • Board and Batten Vinyl Siding:

    Also known as vertical vinyl siding because this type of vinyl siding runs up and down a house vertically, it consists of wide boards interlocated by thinner boards called “battens” that are used to seal the spaces where the wide boards meet. Board and batten vinyl siding is very weatherproof because of its unique installation method.

  • Horizontal Vinyl Boards:

    Also known as clapboards, when vinyl siding is installed horizontally along your Vancouver home, it provides a traditional look because of this style’s longstanding use dating back multiple centuries.

  • Vinyl Cedar-Shake Siding:

    This type of exterior home siding is made too look like cedar wood but is still made of vinyl. You can obtain the rustic, charmed look of cedar siding without either the high costs or burdensome maintenance work required of real cedar wood.

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Siding?

  • Versatility

    As mentioned, vinyl siding can be manufactured in hundreds of different visual styles, colours, textures and patterns—so there’s a vinyl-siding option for anyone’s unique aesthetic tastes.

  • Longevity

    Vinyl siding can withstand winds up to over 175 km/h, and it is resistant to both excessive moisture and fading from sunlight.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Vinyl siding for your Vancouver home is virtually maintenance free and easy to clean, not least because it naturally resists rot and termites easily but also because vinyl siding rarely requires regular repainting.

  • Affordable

    Because it is less expensive than most other siding options, vinyl siding provides the best bang for your buck when overall value is measured relative to cost. Plus, re-siding a house with vinyl is one of the best home-improvement projects you can tackle for cost recovery.

Installing Vinyl Siding in Metro Vancouver

The professionals at Exterior Worx Siding and Renovations are experts in installing vinyl siding in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, Delta and the Tri-Cities.

We can supply the vinyl-siding materials, consult on the installation method and style best suited to your home and tastes and a trained and experienced Exterior Worx Siding expert will be on your side to ensure the job is completed professionally and efficiently.

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