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What is Cedar House Siding?

Cedar siding is a natural-looking way to add warmth and beauty to your house to increase the value of your property, impress guests and neighbours with its glossy aesthetic look and to feel comfortable in your own home.

Made from pure western redcedar, cedar home siding is unmatched by any other kind of softwood thanks to its particularly unique grain and colour, its natural aroma, its strength & reliability and durability to insects, moisture and the weather. These characteristics of cedar wood siding make cedar siding an ideal option for both exterior paneling and interior paneling in your Metro Vancouver home.

History of Western Redcedar

Western redcedar, also known as Pacific redcedar, is an opulent evergreen coniferous tree of the Thuja genus (its scientific binomial name is Thuja plicata.) The redcedar is unique to the Pacific Northwest, growing throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, along the B.C. coast and Haida Gwaii, as well as parts of the Interior, northern Idaho, Montana and coastal Washington & Oregon.

A prominent feature of lush forests and mountainous regions, western redcedars provide magnificent beauty whenever in sight. A prominent and high-end wood, its light weight and robust resilience have long made it a popular choice for wood siding and interior home paneling to make your house look stunning or to add cordiality to any room in your Metro Vancouver home.

What are the Benefits of Cedar Siding?

  • Durability:

    Western redcedar home siding is strongly durable, resulting in an excellent and high-quality material for exterior siding for homes in Vancouver, the North Shore, Burnaby and anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Its dimensional stability and natural resistance to tough conditions make it long-lasting and efficient.

  • Customizable:

    When installing cedar siding for your Vancouver home, you’ll benefit from its wide range of properties that are highly conducive to customization, such as colour, finish, style or size of the cut plus its adaptability to new and offering structures, such as cabins, decks and more.

  • Natural Look and Beauty:

    Nothing says “wow” like the look, smell and feel of natural cedar paneling for exterior siding or indoor use in Metro Vancouver from Exterior Worx.

  • Environmental Benefits:

    Because it’s all natural, cedar siding is fully renewable, recyclable and green. Plus its manufacturing process is safer on the environment in terms of greenhouse-gas emissions than the processes for sidings made from most other kinds of materials.

  • Cost-Effective:

    You won’t regret the long-term return-of-investment you receive on cedar paneling, thanks to its reliable stability and the fact that it never goes out of style.

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How to Stain Cedar Siding

Staining cedar siding on your Vancouver home is easy, fun and leads to dramatic results on the aesthetic of your house. Always choose a high-quality staining product that is recommended by experts, and be sure to follow instructions. Ensure that you choose the style of cedar-wood stain appropriate to your needs and tastes, ranging from transparent to semi-transparent and solid wood colours. For best results when staining exterior cedar siding, try to apply the cedar stain during weather conditions that include warm but not hot temperatures, low humidity, little to no wind and no precipitation. Lastly, always wait for the first coat of cedar-siding stain to dry before applying the second coat.

How to Care For and Maintain Cedar Siding

Occasional maintenance of cedar siding on your Vancouver home on an occasional basis will help to both improve its lifespan and reduce the need for maintenance that needs to be conducted more regularly. For long-term weather resistance, consider applying a third coat of cedar stain and also a coat of wood primer. Annual cleans using old-school methods like rinsing and scrubbing with wood-friendly materials and products are also recommended.

Renovating and Installing Cedar Siding in Metro Vancouver

The professionals at Exterior Worx Siding and Renovations are experts in installing cedar siding in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, Delta and the Tri-Cities.

We are able to safely and efficiently install any style of cedar siding to any home. The most common type of exterior cedar siding is bevel siding, whereby the cedar wood is cut at a unique angle so that each wood plank is thick at one end and thinner at the other. This process allows the siding-installation experts at Exterior Worx Siding & Renovations to layer the exterior wood paneling in a unique way that also offers an eye-catching way shadow line to each panel.

The siding-installation experts at Exterior Worx Siding & Renovations can consult with you on what your best options are for installing cedar siding or paneling for your home’s exterior or interior. Contact us today for a free consultation!