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Renovate Your Vancouver Home With Fibre-Cement Siding

Renovating your home siding in Metro Vancouver is an important decision that requires planning and lots of different considerations. The Lower Mainland is full of many unique homes with different architectural styles throughout Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, the North Shore, the Tri-Cities, Surrey and beyond, all requiring customizable consultations and unique home-siding products.

You will also need to account for the additional challenges of Metro Vancouver’s distinctive climate with its humid, rainy winters and temperate, sunny summers, which means you’ll want a house-siding option that will last with little to no maintenance required, in addition to looking great!

In the past, siding was often made from wood and became known as clapboard, essentially just wood cladding that is painted and used as home siding. But painted or stained wooden siding requires a lot of maintenance, so people started to look for alternatives.

Introducing fibre-cement home siding, one of the most popular and durable types of siding available for your Vancouver-area home from Exterior Worx Siding and Renovations. We understand that each home has its own personality and needs, and each homeowner’s vision of their house is different.

Fibre-cement siding offers a variety of different styling and siding types, and Exterior Worx provides a wide selection for each kind to match your preferences and your home’s style.

What is Fibre-Cement Siding?

Fibre-cement siding can be made to imitate wood, shingles, or even stone and brick, and is therefore highly versatile from a visual standpoint. It combines affordability, aesthetics and durability into one convenient siding product, so little wonder why it has grown in reputation and usage over the past quarter-century.

  • What Is Fibre-Cement Siding Made Of?

    It is a composite material made up mostly of cellulose fibres, cement and sand. Wood pulp is often the cellulose fibre used to improve the material’s flexibility and resilience; it is dissolved by water and mixed with the sand, which acts as the filler. Cement, usually composed of limestone, clay and iron, binds all the ingredients together, hardened by the water.

What Kinds of Fibre-Cement Siding Are Available?

  • Plank Fibre Siding:

    The most popular kind of fibre-cement siding, fibre-cement plank siding can be found on millions of homes in North America. Plank fibre siding can provide natural looks, either in cedar finishes or smooth colours, and is incredibly sustainable without the inherent limitations of wood or vinyl, such as upkeep.

  • Shingle Fibre Siding:

    Fibre siding can also imitate shingle looks with the same aesthetic authenticity of wood shingles. Shingle fibre siding can be installed with a variety of different decorative styles and edges to choose from to match any home in Metro Vancouver.

  • Board and Batten:

    Our fibre-cement boards for your siding needs are perfect for any climate. Plus, trim and fascia quarter-inch thick 4’8” boards or siding panels are ideal for the traditional board-and-batten home-siding style, popular in the 19th century and experiencing a 21st-century revival, whereby boards are alternated with narrower strips referred to as battens.

Fiber Siding Vancouver

What Are the Benefits of Fibre-Cement Siding?

Aside from the vast array of aesthetic options and finishes to choose from with fibre-cement boarding, the largest benefit of fibre cement is its durability and weather-resistant abilities.

Fibre-cement home siding is capable of repelling mould and rot; it is also fireproof and mostly impermeable to cracks as well. And the materials are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, from humid rainfall and high winds, cold temperatures and lots of natural sunshine.

Installing Fibre-Cement Siding in Metro Vancouver

The professionals at Exterior Worx Siding and Renovations are experts in installing fibre-cement siding in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, Delta and the Tri-Cities.

Fibre-cement siding is heavy and difficult to work with since it is delicate to cut and install, so you’ll want the trained Exterior Worx Siding experts on your side to help make sure the job is completed professionally and efficiently. We can also advise on what kinds of fibre-cement siding are best for your Vancouver home.

We carry two of the most popular and reputable international brands of fibre-cement siding products, James Hardie and Allura, so you can be sure that we have a fibre-cement home-siding siding product available to suit your needs.

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