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Wood Home Siding – Vancouver

Exterior wood siding or interior wood paneling offers an exquisite and rich look for your home that can’t be beat by any artificial material. Wood siding is a timeless and sturdy option to retrofit your Vancouver house, whether you want beautiful new exterior siding on your home or are looking for a way to “spruce up” the interior of your living room or basement.

Different Types of Wood Siding Available from Exterior Worx Siding

  • Cedar:

    Our most popular variety of exterior wood siding. As it is a local tree, cedar is well suited to the moist and rainy Vancouver environment because it is durable and rot-resistant.  Western red cedar wood siding can be painted or stained and provides a “wow” factor to any home due to the highlights and lowlights present when stained.

  • Pine:

    Pine softwood is a longstanding popular option for exterior siding. Pine siding is affordable and able to hold a finish well, making it conducive for painting and staining.  It is frequently used in soffit applications as this keeps it from direct rain exposure.  Pine is a knotty material, which provides a rustic look.

  • Hemlock:

    Hemlock is a strong wood that balances out affordability with stability.  It is available in clear and knotty grades, and is typically used for soffits. Like pine, it absorbs both paint and stain finishes nicely.

  • Fir:

    Fir is readily available in a variety of cut sizes, long and short, and is easy to cut and customize, providing you a multitude of styling options for siding your Vancouver home. Fir is a popular product that is well suited for both siding and soffit options.  It is available in both clear and knotted grades.  It can be stained or painted, and is a good option for homeowners who like the look of stained cedar, but don’t want the highlights and lowlights that are present in cedar.

What are the Benefits of Wood Siding?

  • Fast and Easy to Install:

    Wood siding is easy to install and is therefore fast and cost-efficient. The experts at Exterior Worx in Vancouver understand wood siding, how nails will look after finishes, recommending different layering techniques, how to apply bevel siding and so much more.

  • Natural Look and Beauty:

    Natural wood siding looks and even smells majestic, and nothing can compare to it. Many imitation wood-siding products exist on the market for a reason because of its classic aesthetic. But at the end of the day, real wood is truly inimitable.

  • Environmental Benefits:

    Wood siding is 100% renewable, biodegradable and frankly the most ecologically sound kind of interior paneling or exterior siding you can buy in Vancouver.

  • Long-Lasting:

    With proper maintenance, because of its innate resiliency, wood siding offers the potential to last for decades.

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Renovating and Installing Cedar Siding in Metro Vancouver

Exterior Worx in Metro Vancouver is a professional installation company for wood siding. We service the whole Lower Mainland.

Let our siding-installation experts consult with you on what your best options are for installing wood siding or paneling for your home’s exterior or interior. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Pre finishing and staining

For wood siding and soffit products we highly recommend pre finishing.  All the wood siding for your home would be sent to a local professional paint shop to be painted or stained there before hand.  Benefits of this include, all sides of the material get coated, which helps to seal out moisture from all angles and will prevent paint flaking and increase longevity.  The finish is also superior since it is done in a temperature and humidity controlled shop.  This also eliminates the need to hire a painter after the siding is installed, which typically works out cheaper and helps keep the budget in line.